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Future Career

February 2, 2021

As we slowly come to grips with the new normal of a world in which sanitisers, masks and social distancing take precedence, we might wonder what the post-COVID world will look like. This microscopic virus has shaken up our lives like nothing we have ever experienced, and it is very unlikely that things will ever be the same again!

he pandemic has proven to be a catalyst to cascading changes across every industry. Many of us are now working from home—and as companies are finding that this is an acceptable paradigm of working, our workplaces may get transformed forever.

Many of the jobs that were trending earlier may not be as popular once the pandemic ends. The skills that are in demand are likely to change as well.

Here are some job skills that are likely to be highly sought after in tomorrow’s world!

Digital Technologies

As businesses try to prepare themselves for possible outbreaks in the future, they are fast-tracking their digital transformations. Skills such as coding, web design and development, and digital marketing will become much more marketable and will open the doors to many career opportunities. What companies are looking for people who can help them stay afloat and keep their online business running during economic disruptions. Professionals who are well-versed in digital technologies will find that they are highly prized.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technologies will see a fresh uptrend, as the cloud is expected to become the foundation for all organizations in the future. Cloud computing is affordable and can be easily scaled across enterprises, and it is expected that a large chunk of applications and processes will move to the cloud.

All services will be delivered through the cloud, including operations, finances, sales and marketing. Professionals who are able to work on cloud-based platforms and applications will become more appealing to prospective employers than ever before.

Cyber Security

With every industry jumping on the digital bandwagon, cyber security will be forced into the forefront. Cyber-attacks and data breaches can be paralyzing and can cost companies dearly in terms of customer confidence and data losses. Protection from cyber hackers, and the development of secure payment gateways and online meeting rooms will drive the growth of this employment sector. There is a massive and growing need for professionals who have skills in ethical hacking and cyber security related to the Internet of Things and AI.



Data Science

Data has proven to be the ‘new oil’ of the digital economy, and those who can analyse and discern its fundamental value and extract actionable insights from it will reap rich rewards. Armed with the right data, businesses may be able to foresee and plan for future disruptions and will be in a better position to understand shifting customer needs. Professionals who have the skills needed to make sense of the huge quantum of data will be able to guide their companies in making informed decisions about products and services that are likely to be in demand.

Health Care

If nothing else, the pandemic has heavily underlined our dependence on our health care professionals. As doctors and nurses fight the battle against the coronavirus on the frontlines of every country, the demand for health care workers has shown a huge uptick. The entire health care industry is poised for tremendous growth, including services and products that are connected with medical equipment, diagnostics, pharma, hospitals and digital health platforms. Economies everywhere will ensure that the health care industry is benefited in all ways possible, and all impediments to growth are removed.

Online Education

As the pandemic forced schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning to go into lockdown, the world of education adapted itself to embrace the online mode. Traditional brick and mortar classrooms are slowly but surely giving way to new models of learning. Virtual instructor-led live classrooms offer flexibility of learning to students everywhere. Geographies are being dissolved with learners and educators seamlessly connecting online to share and impart knowledge and skills. Instructional designers, content creators and online trainers will find that they are suddenly on every employer’s A-list.


Even as physical retail stores everywhere went into hibernation during the pandemic, their online counterparts thrived, and companies like Amazon were found to be furiously hiring to cope with the surge in growth. Post-Covid, it is expected that more businesses will explore E-Commerce routes and the E-com industry will expand in both B2B and B2C markets. Many new categories of products and services will become available in online markets. Physical stores will lose their appeal and will downsize or even die out completely. Take the lockdown as a time to reflect and introspect on your future career. Do you see any of your interests on this list of must-have skills?  Redefine your capabilities and equip yourself for the post-Covid employment market!

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