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March 19, 2020

Healthcare is a field that is considered to be recession-proof, and with good reason too. As long as there are people falling sick, we are going to need professionals to take care of them! But within the healthcare profession, there are jobs that are most likely to come into prominence. We have put together a list for you – in no particular order – that are expected to be the most rewarding healthcare jobs in the next decade.

Nurse Practitioners:

Nurse Practitioners fill the gap between Registered Nurses (RNs) and physicians and there is rapid growth in opportunities for this job role. Typically, Nurse Practitioners are responsible for the identification and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, management of chronic health conditions, counselling, immunizations, lifestyle guidance and so on. Countries that offer the highest salaries for Nurse Practitioners include the USA, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, who are opening wide the doors to overseas qualified nurses in order to fill their growing deficit of home-grown professionals.

Home Health Aides:

The United Nations has predicted that by 2050, there will be around 2.1 billion people older than 60 years, globally. As the population ages, the demand for Home Health Aides will grow, as more people would like to continue to live in their homes with healthcare support. Home Health Aides will be increasingly sought after in countries such as Australia, the USA and UK.

Registered Nurses:

As the global demand for qualified Registered Nurses increases, the supply of qualified candidates is simply not keeping up. Registered Nurses can choose to move into more specialised roles in management, nursing administration and nursing education among many others and these roles have plentiful opportunities overseas. Among the top countries for nurses to work and live include the UK, Dubai, Ireland, Canada, the USA and Australia. Nurses with experience can get a great work-life balance too with very competitive salaries.

EMTs and Paramedics:

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are the first responders in an emergency situation. They are responsible for administering CPR, oxygen and glucose, providing intervention in allergic reactions or asthma attacks and providing basic first aid to accident victims.


Most people would have visited a dentist at some time or the other in their lives! Dentists diagnose and treat conditions affecting the mouth, gums and teeth, They also offer preventive care and oral hygiene counselling. Dentists will always be in demand and continue to get salaries in the highest bracket.

Medical Assistants:

This is a great entry level role that offers a glimpse into the world of healthcare and allows workers to transition into higher pathways once they have gained experience. Medical Assistants work directly alongside healthcare teams to prepare patients for examinations, monitor and measure vital signs, maintain medical records, collect laboratory specimens and the list goes on.

Athletic Trainers:

As more people turn to athletics and sports to improve their fitness levels, trainers are being increasingly called upon to provide fitness training, healthy lifestyle guidance and diet education. They should also be well versed in diagnosing as well as treating bone and muscle injuries in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Occupational Therapists:

Occupational Therapists are much in demand due to the growing incidence of lifestyle and stress related diseases. They improve the well-being of patients by educating them about a healthy lifestyle. Through customised treatment plans, Occupational Therapists help patients return to work after any debilitating injury or incident.

Optometrists and Ophthalmologists:

Skilled optometrists and ophthalmologists are needed to provide eye care and treatments, diagnose and prescribe eyeglasses, carry out surgical treatment as required and provide counselling as well as care of vision. Skilled professionals in this field will find that their job is always future proof.

Mental Health Counsellors:

The role of a Mental Health Counsellor is one that will never be replaced by a machine, as it requires a compassionate ear and a caring attitude. With stress levels increasing globally, the demand for experienced counsellors will always be on the increase.



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