About Us


The idea to launch a magazine for HCI Australia took roots from the need to build a stronger brand identity for the organisation in India and abroad. Christened as “The Healthovation”, the magazine is conceived to stand for international education, technological innovation and global career opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Vision of The Healthovation

Our vision is to widen the knowledge of people in international healthcare education, innovation and research

Mission of The Healthovation

Our mission is to create jobs and improve lives


Enhancing Lives through Education, Training and Technology

Who will benefit from this magazine?

  • Students who are unsure of their career path
  • Healthcare professionals who wish to advance their career abroad
  • Educators who wish to know about tech innovations in healthcare education, learning and knowledge sharing

Got a question for us? Or do you have an answer we have been looking for?

For quick response, please contact us at letters@thehealthovation.com