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December 2, 2019

A popular destination for students and professionals alike, Australia boasts a high standard of living and an enviable lifestyle. Students who wish to study in Australia are destined to benefit from world-class education recognised anywhere in the world as well as the possibility of staying back and working in this beautiful country!

Those who wish to work here gain a lot from the stress-free work culture, rewarding salary packages and of course, a positive work-life balance. Here’s everything you need to really know if Australia is on your mind!

Healthcare Industry in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most well-known research scientists, physicians, surgeons and healthcare professionals. World-class medical research facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure has put Australia’s healthcare sector on top of the global map. In the recent past, Australia’s healthcare industry has had a period of robust growth due to its many advances in technology and medical innovation as well as emphasis on quality professional skills. With a focus on research and development, the Australian healthcare environment is on par with the best in the world.

Working in this sector also comes with the advantages of plentiful opportunities for personal as well as professional growth and a relatively stress-free work environment in a country known to be friendly. Is it any wonder then that leading healthcare professionals have this country on the top of their most-wanted destinations!

Australia as a Choice Study Destination

Australian universities offer a wide range of study programs for everyone including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in business, project management, hospitality, finance, nursing, healthcare, the arts and many more. As a world-class education provider, Australian universities are consistently ranked high on the list of world’s leading education institutes. Qualifications obtained from its universities are well respected globally and pave the path to rewarding career opportunities in the international job market. Students who have graduated from Australian universities are known for their theoretical knowledge coupled with hands-on skills.

While education here does not come cheap, international students can avail of part-time jobs and make good use of the income to pay off part of their tuition and living expenses. By working up to 40 hours a fortnight in a job related to their studies, they can also gain first-hand work experience while they study. Students can also travel during their summer holidays, gaining a new perspective on life as they broaden their horizons.

Study and Stay Back in Australia

The ‘Additional Temporary Graduate’ visa offered by Australia allows international students who have graduated from a regional campus in Australia to get an additional year of post-study work rights. Students can qualify by graduating from a regional campus and then spending two years residing in a regional area. This on-going residence will enable them to get an extra year of post-study work permit. The Department of Home Affairs believes that by focusing on regional areas, cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and so on will get decongested.

Work-life Balance in Australia

Most international students discover they love the country so much that they want to stay back once they have graduated! Consistently ranked among the best places to live in the world with respect to indices of income, healthcare, human development, lifestyle and civil rights, Australia boasts the 12th largest economy in the world.

The quality of life in Australia is the stuff that dreams are made of! With the ethnically diverse population of this country, you need not be surprised if you find someone from your own native town as your next-door neighbour. The stable socio-economic environment stems from this diverse population and the migrants contribute to the richness of the intellectual property in this country as well.

All in all, the truly cosmopolitan culture of its cities and happy work-life balance makes this country a wonderful place to work and live. With richly rewarding and satisfying opportunities for immigrants as well as domestic employees alike, the land Down Under is a great place to stay.

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